Costs for waka ama in schools

In order to participate in waka ama in secondary schools, you should be aware of the following costs:

Costs for participating at the RSSC and NSSC are approximately $15-20 per paddler and event. This money goes towards event organisation and management. Exact costs will be notified at for the RSSC and at for the NSSC.

In order to prepare for the two events above, schools can form relationships with a local waka ama club in their area. Individual arrangements are up to the schools and the respective club; however, Hoe Tonga recommends 6-12 training sessions prior to the RSSC, over a period of 4-8 weeks, valued at about $30-60 per paddler. This money goes towards coaching and gear maintenance. Some clubs may require paddlers to become club members.

Total costs may amount to about $40 to $80 per paddler. It is important to note that parental involvement is necessary and welcome as volunteers, coaches, managers and coordinators, to help keep costs down.