Foxton Waka Ama Hui

Date: Wednesday 12th May 2021

Time: 7pm

Venue: Foxton Rugby Clubrooms

We are looking forward to meeting with those in Foxton or the surrounding areas interested in establishing a waka ama club in this community. Information will be given on what is needed to form a club, how we can support you in the process and what funding etc is available.

Come along, meet our regional development officer and others that are passionate about seeing this happen.

Waka Ama Safety Course

Kia ora whānau

Below is an opportunity to take part in a Day Skipper + Waka Ama safety course.  Only 4 spaces available and costs $50. This is less than half of what it is normally for he day skipper course!!

Don’t miss out, further details below;
Waka Ama Safety Course
Day Skipper course, VHF Course, Waka Ama Safety Course     
WHEN:      6:00pm – 8:30 pm Friday 30th  April ,  9:00am – 5:30pm Saturday 1st May.
WHERE:    Staff Room Plimmerton School.   Bring Kai Saturday for lunch.
COST:        $50 PP.   payable at course  
RSVP:        Sunday 18th April to 

At the conclusion, participant’s will be able to successfully complete;Day Skippers assessment.VHF course assessment Additionally, participants will have a greater knowledge of Waka Ama safety and racing. See the following links for more detail:  Day Skipper Course Information and VHF Course Information 

Nga Mihi
Hawaikinui Waka Ama Committee

New Regional Development Officer: Megan Qaranivalu

Hoe Tonga’s Board is pleased to announce our new Regional Development Officer:
Megan Qaranivalu.

Megan is based in Otaki, and is also an active member of Otaki Waka Hoe. She says: “Over the last six years I have fallen in love with waka ama and its lifestyle. I am enthusiastic, passionate and excited about the potential of Waka Ama in the region and the possibility of further growth.” 

She is looking forward to working with existing clubs, school co-ordinators and the different communities throughout the Hoe Tonga region to see how we as a collective can work together to achieve access to more programmes, development opportunities and the formations of new clubs in underserviced areas. 

Hoe Tonga Paddler Series 2021

Get ready for this year’s Hoe Tonga Paddler Series 2021, designed to attract new paddlers to our sport, and to enable paddlers and teams to race during the winter season. The Series is overseen by Hoe Tonga, but each individual race is hosted and organised by member clubs or event organisers. 

Key info:

As in previous years, the series is big on participation and we will have again a range of spot prizes, including a brand new paddle.

Click here to download the information package for the Series.

Please note that race details are subject to change. Please keep an eye on updates regarding any of the races.

Race 1 (Host: Hawaikinui):  29 May (Sat), Ngati Toa Domain

  • Race information (to come)
  • Contact: Mike Oxnam; 021 031 8072;
  • Entries by club (to come)
  • Entries by event (to come)
  • Results (to come)

Race 2 (Host: Hoe Tonga): 10 July (Sat),  Manawatu Boating Club, Foxton Beach

  • Race information (to come)
  • Contact; Megan Qaranivalu; 022 165 7649;
  • Entries by club (to come)
  • Entries by event (to come)Results (to come)

Race 3 (Host: PCKC): 7 August (Sat), Onepoto, Porirua

  • Race information (to come)
  • Entries by club (to come)
  • Entries by event (to come)
  • Results (to come)

Race 4 (Host:Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke): 25 September (Sat), Whanganui River

  • Race information (to come)
  • Entries by club (to come)
  • Entries by event (to come)
  • Results (to come)

Hoe Tonga Secondary School Sprint Results 2021

Congratulations to all the schools and paddlers that competed this year.

Last year, we had 45 teams competing across the various divisions, a record since we started this event. We easily surpassed this in this year’s event, with 59 teams competing, from across 22 schools. We had over 350 paddlers on the water!

A massive thank you to all the volunteers that helped run this event, to College Sport Wellington and David Fatatafa for collaborating with us to deliver this event, and our many supporters and sponsors, such as Porirua City Council (rubbish collection), Hutt City Council (hydration station), and Terry Harkin (photography).

We again also had two awards up for grabs.

Our School Excellence Award recognises the school that accumulates the most points across all races, with 4 points for each first place in Championship Finals, 3 points for a second place, 2 points for a third place, and 1 point for a fourth place. Unfortunately, due to a computer mishap, we announced the wrong winner on the day. We apologise for this. The winner this year was Te Kura Maori o Porirua, with 31 points, followed by Manukura (from Palmerston North) with 27 points, and in third place was Te Kura a iwi Whakatupuranga Rua Mano (from Otaki) with 24 points.

Our School Spirit Award is given to the school that contributes the most towards the atmosphere and event delivery, and key volunteers are judging schools on their contribution. This year’s winner of this award was Wellington East Girls College.

Check out the the full results here. Good luck to all teams that are heading to the Secondary School Waka Ama Nationals in Rotorua next week.

Finally, look out for awesome event photos to be made available over the next few days on this site.

Final schedule and lane draw for Secondary School Sprints

A finalised schedule and lane draw has now been made available. For more information, please go to our race notice.

At this stage, the weather forecast is for a light south-easterly, about 12 knots, so race conditions are looking good at this stage.

On race day, please ensure that all paddlers and supporters sign in via the COVID-19 QR code available at the admin tent.

Finally, all race results will be available live at This will be the fastest way for paddlers and supporters to find out their results and relevant progressions. Printed results will also be available near the admin tent.

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Certificate in Waka Level 4 programme

The Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Certificate in Waka Level 4 programme is delivered within the Hoe Tonga region in Masterton under the leadership of our very own Paddy Rimene.

Join in the “Waka, a way of life” and commence your journey today!

You will learn about:

  • Māori nautical history
  • traditional and contemporary waka
  • waka construction
  • weather interpretation
  • Coastguard Boating Education Day Skipper qualification
  • tikanga, karakia and waiata
  • water survival competency
  • event management
  • health and nutrition
  • And much more

All guided by the expertise of an Elite Waka Ama Paddler.

To secure your seat in the Waka for March 2021, contact Paddy today on 0800-355553 or email

Hoe Tonga Secondary School Regional Sprint Championships 2021


  • Host: Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka Ama Association
  • Venue: Onepoto, Porirua
  • When: Saturday, 13 March 2021 (reserve day is 14 March)
  • Divisions: J19, J16, Year 7/8
  • Entries closed on 5 March 2021

Key information


  • There are no refunds for entries after the entry cut-off date where paddlers choose not to race or show up on race day (even if invoices have not yet been received, or schools have not yet settled relevant entry fees).
  • Entries are to be done via each school (for secondary schools through the school sports coordinators; for intermediate schools directly with Hoe Tonga)

Questions? Email

This event is brought to you by Hoe Tonga and College Sport Wellington.