Cancellation: Mana Super 6 Ocean Challenge

It is with disappointment that Hoe Tonga has to announce the cancellation of the Mana Super 6 Ocean Challenge 2017 (including a Cook Strait Crossing race course option as previously successfully tested).

We could have worked with as little as 6 teams, just as the Molokai Hoe once started with a handful of teams. But we had a smaller than expected number of formal intents to race from teams by the due date, coupled with the unexpected withdrawal of teams that had previously committed to racing, thereby leaving us no choice but to cancel.

We would like to thank those sponsors and supporters that stuck with us to get this event format to the start line, including but not limited to Goodmanns, NZCT, Trust House, support boaties, key clubs such as PCKC and Hikoikoi agreeing to make their canoes available to teams, and those putting in the planning yards.

Hoe Tonga

Hoe Tonga Secondary School Regional Sprint Champs, 18 March



  • Host: Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka Ama Association
  • Venue: Onepoto, Titahi Bay
  • When: 18 March 2017
  • Entries close on Friday, 10 March 2017.


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  • Entries are to be done via each school (through the school sports coordinators)
  • There are no refunds for entries that chose not to race or show up on race day.

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Regionals 2016 round-up and results

And this was it for 2016. A few “firsts” at this event:

  1. Our biggest Regionals yet, with over 300 entries and 109 races.
  2. The first time that the entire Regionals were held in Masterton
  3. The first time that we had W12 races
  4. The first time that we have run the turn races in the “chase format” (two teams in each turn lane)


A big thank you to Trust House and the Copthorne Hotel in Masterton for housing some of our key officials.


And of course a big thank you to all officials, volunteers and supporters that made this event possible. Many of them pulled big hours to make this event happen, some of this started over 9 months ago. To name but a few:

  • Race course set-up, venue preparation and infrastructure: Paddy, Kath and the wider team from Wairarapa WACC; generator provided by Lawrence
  • W6 provision and transport: Hikoikoi Waka Club and Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
  • Finish line officials: Marinna, Petra, Andy, Gaylene and Patience
  • Start line officials: Chris, Michael, Maria
  • Flag boat officials: Matt and De’Sharna
  • Loading Bay: Karmen, and various other helpers to bail from Wairarapa WACC, Toa, and PCKC
  • Marshalling/Announcer: Shanara and Ohomairangi
  • Registration officials: Gaylene, Pania, Bubba, Brenda and Paula
  • Photography: Chris, Kathlene et al
  • Race director: Joern
  • IT pre-event support: Alex Ryder
  • Event organisation: Joern and Gaylene
  • DJ: Greg

Results and photos

We had live results on the day (still online) but if you missed it, click here to download a file showing all results. You can also replay some of the races at (unfortunately only the first 3 hours of Saturday’s racing as some trackers were not properly charged prior to the event).

Photos are now available. Please check Hoe Tonga’s facebook page at

Finally, the Club Excellence Award was again won by Porirua Canoe Kayak Club (112 points), the fourth year in a row albeit with Otaki Waka Hoe very close behind this time (93 points)! The James Hapeta Club Spirit Award was awarded to Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club. Congratulations.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to do a prize giving on Saturday following the W6 and W12 races. Ribbons for the place getters will be posted to each club as soon as possible.

Confirmed selection for W12 regional team

A letter from Chris Fox, W12 Selector

Kia ora koutou

I am pleased to announce the selection of the following paddlers who will represent Hoe Tonga in the Regional Premier W12 at National Sprints 2017.

Congratulations to these paddlers and the appointed Team Captains who have indicated their availability and willingness to undertake this role and represent our region. Should any paddlers listed below be unavailable to attend Nationals please contact to advise as soon as possible giving an opportunity for those who are waitlisted to participate:

Hoe Tonga Regional W12 Paddlers (Men)
1) Selection based on 1st OM Team W6 500m 2) Fastest W1 Men 250m Dash Race – J19/Open

1 P.J. Rimene-Albrett Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club
2 Aperahama Hurihanganui Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club
3 NUKU, Joe Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club
4 RIMENE, Paddy Wairarapa WWACC (Captain)
5 TAIAPA, Parekoihu Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club
6 RIMENE-ALBRETT, Shannon Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club
7 SCHERZER, Joern Hikoikoi Waka Club
8 AMMUNSON-FYALL, Matt Hikoikoi Waka Club
9 HYNES, Lawrence Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Inc.
10 HANARA, Andrew Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club
11 WALFORD-COLLIER, Ducati Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club
12 SAVELL, Jarrod Hawaiki Nui Tuarua Waka Ama

Next Waitlisted: Kasey JOE-MCINDOE

Hoe Tonga Regional W12 Paddlers (Women)
1) Selection based on 1st OM Team W6 500m 2) Fastest W1 Women 250m Dash Race – J19/Open

1 Rachel Kingi Whanganui River OCC (Captain)
2 Ngarita King Whanganui River OCC
3 Maioha Arihia Whanganui River OCC
4 Jaimee-lee Coleman Whanganui River OCC
5 Nikki Crawford Whanganui River OCC
6 Talia Poutini Whanganui River OCC
7 HODGES, Ria Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Inc.
8 GILLESPIE, Ariana Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Inc.
9 WALFORD-COLLIER, Donna Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Inc.
10 HODGES, Hineora Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Inc.
11 Eden Te PAA Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Inc.
12 ELKINGTON, Marama Hawaikinui

Next Waitlisted:  Mereana Hodges

There may be an opportunity for both teams to have a training prior to Nationals and it will be the role of the appointed Team Captain/s to organise and notify paddlers of any training. The race itself is scheduled as a straight final at Nationals and it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to arrange paddlers seating in the W12 on the day if no prior training run has been undertaken.

Hoe Tonga will supply a uniform (shirt only) to both teams.

Nga mihi nui
Christine Fox
W12 Hoe Tonga Regional Selector

Regionals 2016: Lane draw and live viewing and live results

It’s going to be our biggest year, with over 60 teams entered, and 110 races!

IMPORTANT: In order to get through the programme on Saturday, racing will commence at 8.30am. This means all teams and paddlers in the early races should be on site at 7.30am. Do plan your travel, from Wellington to Masterton is about at least 1:30hrs by car.

Here some key documents for race day:

Note that we will track canoes, which means you can view all racing live at Canoes will be identified only by their numbers, so keep an eye on the estimated start times for each race and the live results to keep track of who is on the water.

We will also have all results available live at (this is in addition to the printed results, as they become available, at the information desk).

For further information, click here.