W6 (II) postponed until Sun 13 Dec due to weather

Due to adverse weather conditions, the event is postponed to Sunday, 13 December.  A further change may occur if the weather conditions do not improve.

The lane draw will now be released on Friday night. Please note that due to a large amount of entries, all those teams that want to race in a second division cannot be accomodated (due to a limited number of lanes and W6 available). For instance, a team wanting to race in J16 and J19 will only be allowed to race in J16. We apologise but unless this is done we will be racing until late at night. Moreover, some races will have to be combined (e.g. Senior Masters racing in Masters) to cut down on the number of individual races. Again, this is due to the limited number of lanes and W6.

Note that we are unable to respond to individual requests or queries at this time.

HT W6 (II) Organising Committee