Waka Ama Series at Petone on Easter Sunday

“The Motorway Race”
Sunday April 4, 2010
Starting at 10 am sharp!
You can all make this Wellingtons biggest multi Canoe/ Kayak race by turning up………….if you don’t it will be Wellingtons semi biggest race (-:
Sorry it’s Easter Weekend and the end of daylight savings as well, on the flip side like family, we will be giving away Easter Eggs!
From The Wellington Waterski Club follow the Motorway to the Interislander reclaimed land (knoll) and turn around a buoy 10 metres from the shore in that bay before the knoll then back to the finish distance 13 km
If it’s a tricky little Southerly the course will be from the same starting point but will run along the shoreline and around up the Hutt River to a buoy by the Sladden Park dead arm and return the distance will be about 11km.……….yep that’s half of the Crazyman course!
If you’re unsure about the course or where it’s going just call us to inquire on 0274 581 005
We don’t cancel our races we just go for another course or venue if it’s too rough.
Entry fee:
$5 singles
$8 doubles
$12 sixes
Open to all Surf skis, Outrigger Canoes, sea kayak, multisport kayaks, adventure racing doubles and double surf skis.
Buoyancy Vests are compulsory either worn or carried, the use of bailers, foot or handpumps, leg leashes, paddle floats cellphones, flares and any other safety equipment is optional and your judgement should be used in regard to whether you feel they will assist you on the day.
Again there are heaps of Spot Prizes including Welly Paddlers tee shirts and all the usual spoils if you wish to order one they are green with yellow writing on them………….Welly paddlers on the front $25 each……………….. selling just below cost, as we got a good deal om them.
I’ve got sizes M and L in this current batch, there are 6 left………..another batch will be available at the last race for pick up (all sizes just place your order this weekend)
Don’t forget to view the latest info and photos on www.wellypaddlers.blogspot.com we don’t fall asleep on the job with our website, the core information changes at least every 2 weeks
Chester and Sharlene