10Km fun paddle at Onepoto, 3 October

A couple of years ago Hawaiki Nui used to run a fun paddle series on Sunday mornings from Onepoto.  Paddlers from all clubs used to get involved and just turned up for an enjoyable paddle, with an emphasis on enjoyment.
Hawaiki Nui would like to re-commence the 10km series starting on Sunday 3rd October, 10.30am sharp from Onepoto.
Rules are pretty simple.
  • We arrive at Onepoto.
  • Kuru Love and co will see what paddlers we have and then make up crews from those paddlers.
  • Crews will be of mixed gender, age and experience.
  • An experienced steerer will be assigned to each crew.
  • Depending on the tide/weather etc a course will be decided.
  • We line up on the jetty and start.
  • If we do not have enough OC6’s for everyone I suggest you bring an OC2 or OC1 as well.
Safety: There will be no safety boat however the usual protocols apply:
  • Each crew will look out for each other and go to the rescue of someone who is in trouble.
  • Bring a life jacket.
  • The course will be run within the two harbours to cater for those who are not experienced ocean paddlers.
There are no prizes however it is an opportunity for our paddling community to get together and have a catch-up.  If you like bring a thermos each to share a cup of tea of coffee afterwards.
If possible could those clubs participating, would you please be able to make your waka available for the race.
If the weather looks doubtfull please contact Kuru on 0274343162.  He will confirm if the race is cancelled or call me on 0274480397.