Important notice to clubs: regional WT12 (inter-club) entries for Nationals

For those clubs that have paddlers that wish to compete in a WT12 at Nationals 2014, but do not have enough to make up a WT12 within their own club, Waka Ama NZ offers the possibility for two clubs to combine to form a regioinal WT12 (refer to rule 21.7 in the NKOA race rules).

Relevant entries must be made by the region, and Hoe Tonga has an established process in order to make those entries.

Click here to download the document outlining this process.

If your club wishes to make an entry, your club must follow this process and the proposed entry must be received at no later than 14 December 2013.

Received entries will be processed by the Hoe Tonga administrator (or any Executive Officer if required).


  • The fact that Waka Ama NZ allows regional “inter-club” WT12 entries does not mean that your club can form a more competitive WT12 by leaving out paddlers from within your club that would otherwise be eligible to compete in your WT12. You MUST first use all eligible paddlers from within your club. Note that at Nationals 2013 some entries were later found to be illegitimate and had to be withdrawn.
  • It is the clubs’ responsibility to ensure that the entries that they submit are legitimate. Club executive approval is required. While Hoe Tonga makes every effort to check that the proposed WT12 entry is legitimate, we are constrained in terms of our time and resources, so acceptance of an entry on our behalf does not mean that the entry is legitimate.
  • Regionally selected WT12 (Premier Men and Women only) are determined through a different process, please refer to the the race information package for the Regional Sprint Championships 2013.