Regional Mixed WT12 at Nationals

Waka Ama NZ is holding an exhibition Mixed WT12 race at Nationals 2014.

Each Region can enter 1 team. The team must consist of 6 men and 6 women and also must be made up of:

  • 2x J16 (1 of each sex)
  • 2x J19 (1 of each sex)
  • 2 x Open (1 of each sex)
  • 2 x Master (1 of each sex)
  • 2 x Senior Master (1 of each sex)
  • 2 x Golden Master (1 of each sex)

This event will take place on Friday 17th January.


  • Paddlers taking part in the Regional Representative W12 and/or the V1 Dash cannot take part in this race.
  • This is an exhibition race and no medals shall be awarded.

At the regional meeting on 7 October 2013, Hoe Tonga decided the following:

  • In the first instance, selection will be based on singles results at Regionals 2013. Our administrator Gaylene will contact whether those people are available.
  • In the second instance people can put themselves forward. To do this, you will need to send an email to, by no later than 5 January.

At this stage the team will race without uniforms but Hoe Tonga’s colours are white and blue. While uniforms are not mandatory, paddlers should endevour to wear a white shirt and blue shorts.