Have your Say for Waka Ama

Hoe Tonga is developing a new strategic plan to guide the region through the next 5 years. The new plan will be our third such plan and would replace the 2014-2018 plan

A workshop was help in October 2018 in Porirua where a number of stakeholders in the region provided their thoughts in regards to the first draft of the Strategic Plan 2019-2023. This first draft is now complete and we encourage all paddlers and interested supporters to read it. Now is the chance for you to have your say to steer Waka Ama in the region towards a future we all like to see. The final adoption of the strategic plan will be ready in June.

Therefore if you do have any thoughts on which direction Waka Ama in the region should go in the next 5 years please either email hoetonga@gmail.com or speak to any of the board members.

DRAFT Strategic Plan 2019-2023