Maritime Authority – Waka Ama Water Safety

  • Purchase of 2 LED white 360degree navigation light for dawn, dusk, night paddling – same lights recommended by NKOA site; recommended retail is $85, yours for NZ$49 including GST and courier – orders and payments to
  • 3A-5400-S’ Stern Light version of the Mark III 2 LED marker light (23cm high). This has a suction cup which is easily removed.
  • The other version is ‘3A-5400-2’ which is the same light attached to an aluminium mast (43cm height). The tube is pressed around the light for a ‘semi-permanent’ mount. The tube also has 2 holes drilled through the lower end so it can be screwed or bolted to another surface or support.

All clubs / all paddlers should take the time to review this material

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