Notice HTPWAA W1 – Nationals 2010

Notice to: All paddlers who have made quota for HTPWAA W1!

 I hope your training is going well and you are now focussing on your upcoming races. Please note it is the paddlers and club representatives responsibility (Juniors) to ensure you are aware of the race schedule .Therefore,  if you are not intending on competing in your respective division and have not notified HTPWAA of withdrawl your club will be invoiced for any withdrawl fees incurred. 

To date where withdrawls have been made, Hoe Tonga has offered a place to the next on the quota list. These amendments have been processed and no further additions or alterations will be done. If you are unable to paddle on Thursday 21 January 2010 in the W1 races due to exceptional circumstances you will need to make  a medical or special exemptions application to , and let the regional coordinator Chris Fox know (027 651 5379)

Due to reallocated space for waka, there is no restriction to the amount or type of W1 that can be used for this event.  Space will again be marked out for each region.  Your regional coordinator (Chris Fox 027 651 5379) will monitor this space and ensure access-ways are not blocked.  Paddlers are responsible for storing W1 in allocated spaces without causing damage to any other waka. 

W1 must be weighed and checked-in on Wednesday 20th between 12 noon and 6pm.  Only Hulls will be weighed and must not exceed 16kgs. (Paddler must provide their own Weights) W1 will need to be lashed after weigh in and left in the secured storage area as will be directed. Every Waka must have Number holder. A limited supply of number holders will be onsite and can be purchased from the Admin building for $5 each.  HTPWAA will not be supplying number holders at Nationals (refer to Panui 2 below for further information).

2010_Nationals Panui 2