Revised draft Hoe Tonga constitution, feedback invited by 15 June

Please click here for the revised draft constitution.

The document contains ‘tracked changes’, please enable those in your MS Word version when reading the document:  deletions are indicated by crossed-out text, proposed additions/changes are indicated by underlined text.  Comments within the document explain relevant changes.

Please provide any feedback by 15 June either directly to the sub-committee: Joern and Averalle at or; or to your Hoe Tonga club representative.

Note that while you will find quite a number of changes to the text, they do not actually affect the governance/management structure of Hoe Tonga – as agreed by the Hoe Tonga committee the focus of this review is to look at improving the effectiveness of the committee (e.g. changes to the financial year). The changes are mainly intended to improve the structure of the document itself and to improve the usability of the document.

Background: Our strategic plan was adopted in late 2009 and a key initiative is a review of the constitution.  As a result, the Hoe Tonga constitution is currently being reviewed.

Intended time frame for the review (tentative):

by mid June: consultation ends

By mid-to-end-of-June: revised draft made to be made available, invitation for further feedback to club representatives

early July: Hoe Tonga Committee to sign off on final proposals, extraordinary meeting to be scheduled to formally adopt the revised constitution

August: extraordinary general meeting, new constitution adopted