Results: Welly Paddlers Race 2, 10 Oct

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Race 2 Hataitai Beach

4.8 km (3 x 1.6km laps)

Rob Nichol 25:29 SS
Craig Jones 25:50 MK
Tyler Maxwell 26:40 SS
Chester Burt 26:54 SS
Trent Luka 27:48 SS
Jack Manners 27:55 SS
Les Morris 28:39 SS
Jade South 28:45 SS
Katrina Madill 29:17 SS
Sandy Winterton 29:35 SK
Iain Gillies 31:00 SS
Donny Butters 31:46 SS
Dave Ryde 31:51 W1
Brent Harrison 32:27 MK
Piki Emery 33:12 W1
Kevin O’Connor 33:52 SS
Sam Short 34:20 SS
Rick Kopa 34:20 W1
Pete Notman 34:36 SK
Adelaide Cox 34:45 SS
Terry Gardiner W1

SS Surf ski MK Multisport Kayak SK Sea Kayak W1 Waka Ama

The next event will be at Ngatitoa Domain on October 31.