Regionals 2017 round-up and results

And this was it for 2017. Last year’s event was our biggest yet, but 2017 topped it again, with close to 130 races and about 500 paddlers! We need more lanes…

A massive thank you to all officials, helpers and supporters that made this event possible. More than ever before, many of them pulled big hours to make this event happen. In the week leading up to the event, and despite water quality being better than ever before, the lake experienced excessive weed growth, likely due to the very warm weather over many weeks. Many helpers spend days clearing the lake!

Here a list of key officials and helpers:

  • Event organisation: Joern Scherzer, Gaylene Sciascia
  • Race course set-up, venue preparation and infrastructure: Paddy, Kath and the wider team from Wairarapa WACC; generator provided by Lawrence
  • W6 provision and transport: Porirua Canoe Kayak Club, Otaki Waka Hoe, Hawaiki Nui Waka Ama club
  • Finish line officials: Marinna, Petra & Andy Melville, Ani Suitauloa, Roimata Baker, Te Ara Herewini Smiler, Mereana Putaka, and others
  • Start line officials: James Sadler, Lawrence Ammunson-Fyall, Maaike Van Aalst
  • Flag boat officials: Thomas Tawhiri, Piki Emery, Jodie Sommerville
  • Back-up support boat: John Hodges and others
  • Support boat provision: Matt Archer & Mana Kayak Racing Club
  • Loading Bay: Karmen Wallace, and various other helpers to bail from Wairarapa WACC, Toa, PCKC, and Otaki
  • Marshalling/Announcer: Shanara Wallace
  • Registration officials, runner: Pania Haruru, Tam Tanirau, Rodney
  • Race director: Dennis Ngatai & Joern Scherzer
  • W1 weigh-in: Tia Tuuta, Trini Ropata, and others
  • IT pre-event support: Alex Ryder

There are many more, even if not specifically listed above!


Click here to download the full results.

Photos are yet to come. In the next few days please check Hoe Tonga’s facebook page at 

Club trophies

The Club Excellence Award changed hands for the first time in 5 years, this year it was won by Otaki Waka Hoe, with Porirua Canoe Kayak Club in second, and Toa Waka Ama in third.

For the James Hapeta Club Spirit Award, Hoe Tonga implemented a revised approach for selecting a winner. Up to five points were awarded in each of four categories: (1) Ratio of club volunteers vs club entries, as at one week out from the event; (2) whether a club had complete team rosters at the deadlines and/or had late changes to their roster; (3) whether teams were wearing correct uniforms; and (4) attitude, who is going the extra mile over the two race days. The latter two categories were judged by all the key volunteers at the various official stations. Congratulations to Hikoikoi Waka Club for taking out this year’s club spirit award. Hawaikinui Waka Ama Club and Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club were a very close second and third.

Results Hoe Tonga Paddla Series

What a great day in Whanganui, with lots of sun and little wind. Our final race of the Series was well attended, with 21 teams battling it out on the Whanganui River. A big thank you to Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke hosting this final event.

Photos and videos will be shared on facebook as soon as they become available. If you took any on the day, please feel free to post it on our site.

Click here to download the results for Race 4, and the overall series (3 pages).

The category team winners with most points were as follows:

  • Novice: Team Kotahitanga from Otaikokako
  • Junior: Team River Queens from Whanganui OCC
  • Senior: Team Mataroa from Otaikokako

We also presented a new annual club trophy: “He Taonga Kotahitanga”. This trophy is awarded to the club from the Hoe Tonga region that accumulates the most points, based on its best three teams. It was very close, only two points separated first from second. This year He Taonga Kotahitanga was awarded to Porirua Canoe Kayak Club. Congratulations.


Results for Race 3 of the HT Paddla Series 2017

Another good turn out today, with 11 teams competing on the short course, and 10 teams on the long course.

Some challenging conditions out there today, with a cool 20-25knot Southerly whipping up the course. Going to and from Titahi Bay made it more challenging for the junior and novice teams, but far more interesting than just slogging it out in the tidal flats. Coming back from Titahi Bay, there were some nice little runners to practice those surfing skills.

Click here to download today’s results (2nd correction was made on 10 Sep).

Teams from Otaikokako and Otaki are in the top positions for the most points in their divisions (senior, novice, junior) but it’s not quite decided yet.

Some videos and photos will be posted on the hoe tonga facebook page. A big thank you again to our sponsors: Naomi Brookings from One Agency, Compass Health, and Tai Paddles, and the numerous volunteers making the day possible, including but not limited to the support boat drivers, canoe checkers, registration desk officials, finish and startline officials, and cake bakers.

See you at the final event in Whanganui in three weeks time.

Regionals 2016 round-up and results

And this was it for 2016. A few “firsts” at this event:

  1. Our biggest Regionals yet, with over 300 entries and 109 races.
  2. The first time that the entire Regionals were held in Masterton
  3. The first time that we had W12 races
  4. The first time that we have run the turn races in the “chase format” (two teams in each turn lane)


A big thank you to Trust House and the Copthorne Hotel in Masterton for housing some of our key officials.


And of course a big thank you to all officials, volunteers and supporters that made this event possible. Many of them pulled big hours to make this event happen, some of this started over 9 months ago. To name but a few:

  • Race course set-up, venue preparation and infrastructure: Paddy, Kath and the wider team from Wairarapa WACC; generator provided by Lawrence
  • W6 provision and transport: Hikoikoi Waka Club and Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
  • Finish line officials: Marinna, Petra, Andy, Gaylene and Patience
  • Start line officials: Chris, Michael, Maria
  • Flag boat officials: Matt and De’Sharna
  • Loading Bay: Karmen, and various other helpers to bail from Wairarapa WACC, Toa, and PCKC
  • Marshalling/Announcer: Shanara and Ohomairangi
  • Registration officials: Gaylene, Pania, Bubba, Brenda and Paula
  • Photography: Chris, Kathlene et al
  • Race director: Joern
  • IT pre-event support: Alex Ryder
  • Event organisation: Joern and Gaylene
  • DJ: Greg

Results and photos

We had live results on the day (still online) but if you missed it, click here to download a file showing all results. You can also replay some of the races at (unfortunately only the first 3 hours of Saturday’s racing as some trackers were not properly charged prior to the event).

Photos are now available. Please check Hoe Tonga’s facebook page at

Finally, the Club Excellence Award was again won by Porirua Canoe Kayak Club (112 points), the fourth year in a row albeit with Otaki Waka Hoe very close behind this time (93 points)! The James Hapeta Club Spirit Award was awarded to Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club. Congratulations.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to do a prize giving on Saturday following the W6 and W12 races. Ribbons for the place getters will be posted to each club as soon as possible.

Results for Race 3, Hoe Tonga W6 PADDLA Series 2016

What a great finish to the Series, with 20 teams in attendance. Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke Waka Ama Club hosted this event, and did a fantastic job.

Weather conditions were excellent, albeit with strong winds. The river provided an excellent race venue, with some challenges for steerers to find a good line to avoid the wind and current.

A big thank you to our sponsors of various spot prizes for the Series: The Sprig&Fern Tavern in Petone, Takeaway@Churton, and Tai Paddles. Spot prizes included two new paddles!

Two trophies were given out:

  • Hikoikoi L Plates won the Series in the Novice/Junior category, with 34 points.
  • Hikoikoi Open Men won the Series in the Senior category, with 22 points.

These trophies will be up for grabs again next year.

Click here to download the results for Race 3 of the series.

Photos and videos are available on Hoe Tonga’s Facebook page.

Racing can be replayed:

sprig and fern



Results for Ice Water Paddler Series Race 3

It was a beautiful sunny day, albeit with a biting Southwesterly. Numbers were a bit down, but a few hardy souls battled it out anyway.

Here the results for Race 3:

Overall Name Time Craft W1 Men W1 Wo SS/SK
1 Jörn Scherzer 0:49:51 W1 1
2 Lawrence Hynes 0:50:04 W1 2
3 Karl Timu 0:51:26 SS 1
4 Rueben Hill 0:52:31 SS 2
5 Barton Fletcher 0:52:35 SS 3
6 Bowen Cook 1:06:45 W1 3
7 Mahinaarangi Rikihana 1:08:47 W1 1
8 Fern Thompson 1:11:18 W1 2
9 Izzy Bruce 1:12:48 W1 3
10 Willie Johnstone Coaching W1

Don’t forget to get your entries in for Race 2 of the Hoe Tonga W6 PADDLA Series this Sunday, also at Dolly Varden Beach.

Results – Race 1 of the Hoe Tonga W6 PADDLA Series 2016

Paddlers were greeted by a pretty decent chilly Southeasterly, but otherwise sunny-ish conditions at Race 1 of the Series. A big thanks to all teams supporting the event, and what a fantastic effort by PCKC as the host of Race 1. The event was very well run, and sets a benchmark for races 2 and 3.

Click here for the results of Race 1, including the number of series points collected by each team so far.

Want to replay the racing? Click on the links below:

Race 2 will be hosted by Hawaiki Nui Tuarua Waka Ama Club, on 6 August 2016. Please ensure that you get your entries on time for Race 2 and 3. For Race 1 we had several teams enter at the last minute, which makes it hard for organisers to plan ahead. Please help our event organisers by being organised.

To view additional information, please go to

sprig and fern