Race results for W1 Sprints, 4 December (and quota places for Nationals 2011)

Sunny conditions and relatively calm conditions (in light of the usual Wellington weather) made for some good race conditions. Times were relatively slow but this is likely due to the relatively low tidal conditions and some head wind.

A big thank you to all volunteers and officials that made the race a success.

Unfortunately we had some technical problems in the morning. However, we largely made up for lost time later in the day.

Due to double back up timing, a rechecking of the race course in the morning, and tighter handling of the aligning at the start, the results as recorded are reliable and accurate.

Please click here to download the race results.

With regard to qualification for Nationals 2011, please see Hoe Tonga’s policy in the W1 Sprints race information package. The committee is currently compiling the quota places and W1 entries to Nationals 2011 should shortly be available on www.wakaama.co.nz.

Hoe Tonga Quota Nationals 2011

Note that if you, or any of your W1 paddlers that qualified, do not intend to race at Nationals, please advise Marinna at marinna@paradise.net.nz immediately. This is so that other paddlers on the waitlist can be moved up to fill the quota.

Thank you.