Team Makaira, invitation to paddlers to join trainings

Team Makaira would like to invite all paddlers in the region (and in particular around Porirua Harbour) to join in on training sessions.

At this stage we are training Thursday nights at 6pm (meet 5.50pm) and Sunday mornings (meet 8.30am) at Mana. As we are sometimes short, for those open men keen to participate and paddle in W6, please contact either Matt Archer on 027-485 55 20, or Joern Scherzer on 021-1250997.

For those wanting to bring along their own team, please do so, no matter what club you paddle under.

There is nothing more effective and fun during trainings if two teams are neck and neck with each other.

Monday-Wednesday at 6pm and Friday at 4.30pm  team members will focus on single training, also leaving (normally) from Mana. Contact Joern Scherzer if you want to hook up.

For those days where the W1 Harbour Series is scheduled, our training will link in with that race.