Results: W1 Harbour Series (III), 2 July

Well, it’s winter but hey, there is a core of paddlers that won’t let that get in the way of things. Today’s conditions included a light southerly and some cloud, but otherwise fine.

The distance was 9.7km (Mana to Pa Point and back). The times are slower than usual as we timed it perfectly and had the tide against us going out and coming in.

The next event is on Sunday, 24 July.


  • Jörn Scherzer, Open Men, 57:24 (Pegasus), 1pt
  • Jack Wormald, Open Men, 58:09 (Tahitian V1), 1pt
  • Neil O’Brien, Master Men, 1:00:18, 1pt (Hurricane), 2pts
  • James Sadler, Master Men, 1:01:59 (Pegasus), 1pt
  • Piki Emery, SNR Master Men, 1:02:32 (Tomahawk), 1pt
  • Terry Gardner, Master Men, 1:13:06 (Hurricane), 1pt


  • Marty McDowell, 53:00, 1pt
  • Mike Tate, 53:00, 1pt
  • Danny McDowell, 1:01:59, 1pt
  • Patrick Taylor, 1:06:00, 1pt

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