AGM update

Following Hoe Tonga’s AGM on 1 August, the executive officers for this coming year are as follows:

  • President: Jörn Scherzer
  • Vice-President: vacant
  • Secretary: vacant
  • Treasurer: Len Tamapeau
  • NKOA rep: Marinna Milantra-Lowry

Congratulations to the elected. A big thank you to Mere Elkington and Chris Fox for their hard work as secretary and vice-president last year. Due to other commitments, they decided to step down. However, they will remain involved in other roles, including as volunteers for event mgmt.

Paddlers and supporters, if you are interested in taking on any of those roles, Hoe Tonga can provide training and support. Please contact any of the current and former exec officers if you wish to help.