Winter Series Race 2, 16 June at Ngati Toa domain

The second race of the series is coming up this weekend. Details can be found here: The race will be in Mana at Ngati Toa domain, and there will likely be a couple of course options: one long course for outriggers and surfskis, and a short course for SUP.

The long range forecast is looking ok for Sunday morning, with 10knot winds. Let’s hope it holds.

welly paddlers 3

One more thing:

Are you keen to review your race after it’s all finished? Are your partners tired of having to wait on the beach while you race? Want to make them part of the action and get an America’s Cup view at the race course? Here is how:

Hoe Tonga is trialling a race tracking system and we want you to take part at the winter series race on Sunday at Ngati Toa domain. Basically, competitors can use their smartphones (eg android and iphones) to track their craft, and supporters can follow the race on an ipad or similar tablet on the beach. You can also review the race once you have had a hot shower. A screenshot of an example below (we trialled it with a couple of people at the first series event on 26 May).


What you need to do before race day:

  • You will need a smartphone, such as an iphone or an android device with GPS, and you need to be on a data plan (so that your phone can transmit your position while you race).
  • Before the race (i) register an account on the yacht-bot web site (go to, its free, (ii) download and install an app called “Yachtbot Sailing Tracker” (no cost), (iii) register your YachtBot app with your new account, and (iv) add “” as your contact. You are best to do this by Saturday as it will be busy on Sunday morning. You can call Joern on 021-1250997 if anything is unclear.
  • On the morning of race day, make sure your phones are charged fully.

On race day: Bring along your device, and see Joern at registration so that he can make sure you are all good to go. Bring a waterproof bag and carry the phone on you or your boat when you race.

If the above instructions are not detailed enough, have a look at the following:

Supporters: Bring your tablet with a decent screen (at least 8-inch screen). You will need a G3 connection (or use your phone to connect to the internet with your tablet). Go to the following address to follow the race (or review it after racing has finished): (it will go live at 9am on Sunday).