Results for Winter Series Race 2, 16 June at Ngati Toa domain

welly paddlers 3

One of the biggest ones yet! A great crowd today with over 50 entries: 19 W1, 12 Skis/Kayaks, 17 SUP and 1 W6. A big thank you to everyone that supported this event.

We experienced some interesting and somewhat rare conditions today, with little wind but a decent groundswell resulting in some breaking surf at the bar in Plimmerton.

Today’s race saw a course set from Mana to Tokaapapa Reef and back, with one lap for the SUP and two laps for all others.The expectation was that the surf would settle down relatively quickly given that the tide turned 1.5 hrs before the race start. However, as the crowd made its a way out of the Mana channel, the surf was still up by quite a bit (with the odd set rolling through), which made it challenging for less experienced paddlers and those with less suitable craft (despite there being almost no wind). A number of people retired early.  (In the results DNF also indicates those that assisted in rescues – a big thank you.)

Many will have loved today’s condition, but we acknowledge some concerns from less experienced paddlers and those with craft less suitable for surf conditions. We acknowledge your feedback. In the future, where conditions require it, we may set two courses to suit different craft and abilities.

At the same time we would like to remind people of their responsibilities also. This includes carrying a life jacket (and other relevant equipment such as bailers for outriggers) and having the ability to self-rescue or to be able to roll. Moreover, each person needs to assess his/her own ability. In some cases this may mean pulling out in light of the conditions.

Note also that everyone must have a life jacket! Click here for more details.

Click here to download the results.

Note that we also tested a race tracking system at today’s race. This turned out to be a little challenging with an unreliable internet connection at HQ. Out of 5 people that wanted to take part, we were able to track 3 (the others may have had their apps turned off but we will work on sorting this out for the next race). Click here to check out the race.

If you like to take part next time, follow the following instructions: How-to-share-my-tracker-with-my-club: boat-owner-instructions

Race 2

The next series event will be on 7 July, to be held either in Wellington or Petone, to be confirmed. The location of the race means that the course is unlikely to include any surf, although there is unlikely to be a shortage of wind.

See you on the water…