Results Race #5 Winter Series – Ngati Toa Domain

Results from Race #5 follow. Check out the final race in this Winter Series to be hosted by Jorn Scherzer at Mana (TBC) on September 8 – Sunday starts at 10am. Prizegiving will follow when racing finishes thanks to those paddlers who have supported this series and Fergs Kayaks (for all your paddling gear).

There are plenty of opportunities to provide feedback regarding any of these races and perhaps even look at different venues, courses – just needs some willing people/group to put their hand up to run:) Don’t be shy……………

SUP Men 5.3km
36:54 Rob Collins
38:44 Hans Wannemacher
39:40 Chris Brown
40:40 Stu Hiddleston
40:56 Brodie McGregor
42:40 John Ryks
43:01 Kark LeQuesne
44:49 Clarke Townsley
50:05 Karl Wannemacher

SUP Ladies 5.3km
51:16 Alexandra Murphy
67:31 Sharlene Winiata

surf ski/kayak 11 km

58:53 Chester Burt
59:00 Mike Tate
63:48 Paddy Urlich
66:02 Dave Ryde
69:50 Dave McKnight
70:38 Sandy Winterton
72:47 Graham Daniel
DNF Paul Coles

W6 11km
60:27 Inano
70:44 Hawaiki Nui
79:30 Streamers (Junior Boys)

W1 Men 11km
66:38 Laurence Hynes
69:28 Neil O’Brien
71:06 James Sadler
72:24 Karl Timu
73:07 Pa Taikato
73:15 George Fa’alogo

W1 Women 6.62km
49:28 Lei Faletolu