Results for Regionals 2013: W6 and W1 (including selection for Nationals 2014)

A big thanks to all paddlers, supporters and hard-working volunteers for making it a great weekend. It has been a record year, with 9 out of 12 clubs and over 400 paddlers competing.

As usual, it was far from calm, throwing in some challenging conditions especially for W1 paddlers. However, these are the sorts of conditions we are seeing every year, and they will hold paddlers in good steed as they prepare for Nationals 2014.

The “Club Excellence Award”, in which clubs accumulated points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placings (4, 3, 2, and 1 point respectively), was won by Porirua Canoe Kayak Club with over 140 points. Congratulations!

Also up for grabs was the “James Hapeta Club Spirit Award”. Denise Hapeta presented the trophy and offered some inspiring words, and we are sure James would have enjoyed the day as much as we did. A number of factors were considered as officials decided on the winner, including (but not limitied to) how organised the club was before and during the event, whether waiver forms were completed, whether paddlers wore their correct uniforms, and whether they offered assistance where needed. There was a tight battle between Hikoikoi Waka Club, Tai Tonga 41 OCC, and Porirua Canoe Kayak Club to take out this trophy. Congratulations to Tai Tonga 41 OCC as the 2013 winner.

Photos of the event will be posted within the next few days here on our website and, they will again be freely available.

With regard to selection, please download the following file that shows the rankings of paddlers for each division.


With regard to the regional “mixed” WT12, further information will be posted shortly. Note that Waka Ama NZ’s policy stipulates that those paddlers taking part in the Premier Regional WT12 and/or the W1 Dash races cannot take part in the “mixed” WT12.