OC1 Pegasus (green metallic) for sale (has been sold!)

I’m looking to sell my Pegasus. I’m not 100% sure which model version it is, but I think it was built in 2007, fully Kevlar/Carbon. It is in excellent condition, see photos below.  It was completely refurbished in early 2012 and the paint job is now pretty unique, it’s a metallic green. It currently has some minor scratches but they are not easily visible unless you look closely.

The reason for selling is that I am now only using my rudderless Fai so its a bit of shame to have it sitting in the garage. I have not used it since March last year.

$4,000 or make an offer by 24 April.

Please contact me on joern.scherzer@gmail.com or on 021-1250997. You want to take it for a spin or a have a closer look? No problem, I am based in Porirua (Wellington).

IMG_0791 IMG_0789 IMG_0792IMG_0798 IMG_0793 IMG_0795