Wanted: Master Mens Sprint Crew

I’m seeking a crew and therefore a Club to train with during Winter and for the lead up to the 2015 Sprint Nationals

I’m based in Whanganui but can and will travel for any crew training sessions held on the Friday evenings or any time Saturday and Sunday.

My availability for additional sessions can and will increase as we head closer towards Regionals and Nationals.

I’d prefer a crew that’s Auahi Kore and/or located north of Wellington (to minimise commutes)

I’m happy to serve as a reserve paddler and team/club support person/volunteer as i also intend to train for V1 regional qualification

Please contact: Garfield Toro



There have been no visible or publicised signs of other Master men training in Whanganui, so I’m reaching out to the region.

Tihei Pikiteora