W1 rudderless workshop, 3 August 2014, 1-3pm

Last chance to register for this workshop, by no later than 29th July. Numbers are limited but there are still 6 places left.

If you know of any juniors (preferably 14 years +), attendance is free. For adults, $20 each.

Interested? Please contact Joern on 021-1250997, or joern.scherzer@gmail.com. You need to RSVP by 29 July.

Workshop outline:


  • 3 August 2014
  • 1-3pm (approximately 2 hours, but have allowed to run over time if needed)
  • Wharewaka,  Jervois Quay, Wellington


  • Interactive presentation and (two-way) discussion, video, and practical demonstration using a rudderless W1
  • bring your W1 if you want to try out any learnings after the workshop

Who could find this useful?

  • Paddlers interested in improving their rudderless paddling, particularly long distance (ocean, surf)
  • Paddlers interested in improving their ability to properly steer a W1 in a range of conditions
  • Paddlers interested in getting the little things right (eg proper set up of the W1)


  • Rigging and set-up (Tools needed, Hull set up, distance hull to ama, ama set up, toe-in?)
  • Asymmetric paddling? rudderless W1 vs ruddered OC1
  • Forward stroke (Parallel pull, ama/non-ama side, legs)
  • Steering (stern push away stroke, J-stroke, power pry / goon stroke, rudder stroke, poke, C stroke, forward sweep, angle of blade at entry, turning at speed (around markers) / low speed, anticipation
  • Sprint paddling
  • Downwind paddling (sitting up, leaning back, changing sides, bumps, stroke rate)
  • Racing strategies & tactics
  • Q&A