Annual report 2014/15 and executive for the coming season

On 4 August, Hoe Tonga conducted its annual general meeting.

To read the annual report for 2014/15, including financial statement, please click here.

The executive for 2014/15 is as follows:

  • President: Jörn Scherzer
  • Vice-President: Petra Belworthy
  • 2nd Vice-President: Kathleen Rimene

A massive thank you to outgoing Vice-President Chris Fox, who decided not to stand again after many years on the Hoe Tonga committee & executive. She will be missed! However, she will continue to make a huge contribution to the sport through her ongoing role as Waka Ama coordinator at Wellington Tenths Trust and her role at Hikoikoi Waka Club.

At the AGM, Hoe Tonga also formally adopted the strategic plan for the next four years. Click here to view the plan.