PCKC ‘Have a Go’ Harbour Regatta Acknowledgements

The third annual PCKC ‘Have a Go’ Harbour Regatta successfully took place on Saturday 1st November. 19 teams from 5 clubs in the Hoe Tonga Region took part in the regatta which focused on providing junior paddlers in the region an opportunity to practice their W6 paddling in sprint racing conditions. The regatta would not have been possible without the support and assistance of the following people and organisations –


  • Hoe Tonga for providing resources for the race and posting information on their website
  • TOA, Aniuwaru and Hawaikinui for generously loaning their W6 waka for the regatta
  • Porirua City Council for granting consent for us to hold our regatta and for providing bins for us to use
  • Mana Racing Canoe Club for allowing us access to their facilities
  • The Mad Butcher Porirua for use of their fundraising BBQ
  • BDP Edutainment (Greg Jones) for the sound system and great music
  • Te Wananga o Aotearoa (through Shane Brooking) for use of their gazebos
  • Hikoikoi, TOA, Hawaikinui and Te Rau o Te Rangi for entering in their junior teams to race and for being supportive and enthusiastic participants on the day
  • And finally to the PCKC family who worked hard to make the regatta a success from coaching and managing paddlers to doing all of the big and small jobs needed to run a smooth regatta

On behalf of PCKC, thank you all very much.

Fahina Tulepu

Race Co-ordinator