Regional Premier Men/Women W12

(Note that this post is NOT about inter-club W12 entries, click here to view the process for those.)

Just a reminder on the process for the selection of the paddlers for the regional W12 premier teams. As re-confirmed at the last regional meeting on 24 November, the status quo on selection largely remains in that the top two teams in the open men/women final at the Regionals will form the regional W12 at Nationals 2015.

Premier Women

  • 1st PCKC Te Pua Inano – Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
  • 2nd PCKC Taimania – Porirua Canoe Kayak Club

Premier Men

  • 1st PCKC Ie-Ko-Ko! – Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
  • 2nd The Avengers – TOA Waka Ama Club

However, at the meeting, an amendment was agreed.

  1. Hoe Tonga to clarify to the winning teams in the premier division finals that it is a regional W12 team they have qualified for, therefore they should consider other paddlers in the region to see if they could/should substitute some paddlers from their original W6 team (to ensure Hoe Tonga as a whole sends the strongest possible lineup).
  2. Other clubs to submit paddlers that they think should be considered by the two teams making up the regional W12 (once the Regionals have been completed). Hoe Tonga will forward these names to the clubs/W6 teams that formally make up the regional W12.
  3. Hoe Tonga will make the entry for the regional W12, but clubs / HT must be provided with some assurance that the winning teams have given reasonable consideration to any outside paddlers that have been submitted.

With regard to point 2 above, club reps now have the chance to put forward the names of relevant paddlers. Please do so by 19 December (Friday this week), by sending an email to the HT administrator. Hoe Tonga will compile the names and forward them to the reps of the clubs with teams that came first and second at the Regionals. Those clubs and relevant team captains then have an opportunity to consider these submissions. They will then need to get back to Hoe Tonga by the end of December (or the close off of the roster at Nationals at the latest) to confirm the final line up.