An update on the proposal for a new structure for Hoe Tonga

At a regional meeting on 26 June, clubs had an opportunity to discuss the draft proposal for a new Board structure for Hoe Tonga with Lara Collins from Waka Ama New Zealand. Click here to download the minutes with some key questions and answers. For the original proposal, please refer to the post on our website:

Following the regional meeting, a draft constitution was drafted. Click here to download. The draft constitution has now been circulated to clubs to inform further discussion.

Below an overview on how key feedback has been reflected in the draft constitution:

  • rules for new Board Structure: see section 10
  • election of ‘elected’ Board members: see section 10.5 and section 13.6
  • appointment of appointed Board members: see section 10.6
  • one club, one vote: see section 13.1
  • outline of how the transition would work between current structure and Board structure: see section 21

If paddlers wish to provide feedback, please either contact your respective club or alternatively contact the Hoe Tonga President or Vice-President (see contact page).