Selection process for regional W12 at Nationals 2016, and selector role

At the regional meeting on 3 August, the committee decided on the following process regarding regional W12 at Nationals 2016. The process applies to both men and women.

Selection will be done by a selector (to be appointed, see below) based on the following:

Step 1: The six paddlers in the W6 that wins the respective open 500m event gain a spot.

Step 2: Selection of the other paddlers will be based on the following:

  • Next 6 fastest times in 250 Dash race (across both J19 and Open dash races).
  • If there are still places to be filled (eg due to an insufficient number of paddlers competing in the dash events), additional paddlers will be selected based on the fastest times in the W1 500m event  (across J19, Open and Master events)
  • If there are still places to be filled, then the decision for the selection of additional paddler(s) will be made by the selector based on any other relevant information (to be appointed).

Role of the selector:

The selector’s role is to select paddlers based on the above process. As it is unlikely that there will be opportunities for the selected team to train together, and the regional W12 race at Nationals is a straight final, the role does not automatically include a coaching capacity (unless otherwise mutually agreed between selected paddlers and the selector). The selector may appoint a team captain, whose role will be to organise the team on race day.

Nominations for the selector role (both men and women) are invited from interested person. This can include self-nominations, but in any case should include a brief justification of why they are the best person for the job. Note that selectors are not eligible for selection themselves.

Estimated time commitment by selector: 2-5 hours

Nominations for the Selector role to be forwarded to Hoe Tonga  by 10 September at


No decision has yet been made regarding a common uniform.