Results for W6 events for Regionals 2015

A challenging day of racing, with the Wellington winds a constant feature. And all straight races shortened to 250m and unfortunately 4 midget races had to be cancelled as conditions were too tough.

A big thank you to all teams and our willing volunteers. Below the results for todays racing:

The winner for both club trophies will be decided next weekend at the W1 events.

For the club excellence trophy the winner is not yet decided. The leading club is two-time winner PCKC (78 points), followed by Te Rau o Te Rangi (56 points), Hawaikinui (28 points), and Toa Waka Ama (21 points).

For the James Hapeta Club Spirit Award, there are currently three clubs that appear to stand out (eg as a result of entries being on time, team managers organised, consistent use of uniforms, good attitude, ready to lend a hand, etc, etc): PCKC, Wairarapa Waka Ama, and TROTR.

We hope to see you all next week for the W1 events at Henley Lake in Masterton.