Confirmed selection for W12 regional team

A letter from Chris Fox, W12 Selector

Kia ora koutou

I am pleased to announce the selection of the following paddlers who will represent Hoe Tonga in the Regional Premier W12 at National Sprints 2016, in line with the policy as discussed and agreed at Hoe Tonga Regional Committee meeting on 3 August 2015

Congratulations to these paddlers and the appointed Team Captains who have indicated their availability and willingness to undertake this role and represent our region. Should any paddlers listed below be unavailable to attend Nationals please contact to advise as soon as possible giving an opportunity for those who are waitlisted to participate:

Hoe Tonga Regional W12 Paddlers (Men)
1) Selection based on 1st OM Team W6 500m 2) Fastest W1 Men 250m Dash Race – J19/Open

Matt Archer
Turi Hodges
Andrew Hanara
Pa Taikato
Kerehoma Taiatini
Lawerence Hynes
Joern Scherzer
Paddy Rimene (Team Captain)
Daniel Kauika
Grant Barriball
Tyran Te Paa
Aperahama Hurihanganui

Next Waitlisted:
Jarrod Savell

Hoe Tonga Regional W12 Paddlers (Women)
1) Selection based on 1st OM Team W6 500m 2) Fastest W1 Women 250m Dash Race – J19/Open

Marianna Hodges
Ngahuia Henare
Amiria Saltzmann
Kawai Winiata
Marianne Archer (Team Captain)
Shaianne Kiel
Eden Te Paa
Mahinaarangi Rikihana
Issy Bruce
Kauri-Aroha Tapine-Miller
Donna Walford-Collier
Ariana Gillespie

Next Waitlisted:
Kathleen Albrett-Rimene

There may be an opportunity for both teams to have a training prior to Nationals and it will be the role of the appointed Team Captain/s to organise and notify paddlers of any training. The race itself is scheduled as a straight final at Nationals and it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to arrange paddlers seating in the W12 on the day if no prior training run has been undertaken. The Regional Committee will endeavour to obtain a uniform for this race/team representing Hoe Tonga in consultation with the Team Captain/s.

Nga mihi nui
Christine Fox
W12 Hoe Tonga Regional Selector