Cancellation: Mana Super 6 Ocean Challenge

It is with disappointment that Hoe Tonga has to announce the cancellation of the Mana Super 6 Ocean Challenge 2017 (including a Cook Strait Crossing race course option as previously successfully tested).

We could have worked with as little as 6 teams, just as the Molokai Hoe once started with a handful of teams. But we had a smaller than expected number of formal intents to race from teams by the due date, coupled with the unexpected withdrawal of teams that had previously committed to racing, thereby leaving us no choice but to cancel.

We would like to thank those sponsors and supporters that stuck with us to get this event format to the start line, including but not limited to Goodmanns, NZCT, Trust House, support boaties, key clubs such as PCKC and Hikoikoi agreeing to make their canoes available to teams, and those putting in the planning yards.

Hoe Tonga