Are you interested in becoming a Hoe Tonga Board member?

Two vacancies for elected Board member positions will arise at our upcoming AGM on 23 September. This is due to Hoe Tonga’s constitutional requirements, whereby two Board Members shall retire from the Board at every second AGM.

Hoe Tonga would like to acknowledge the efforts of Board Member Denise Hapeta, who has signaled her intention to resign at the upcoming AGM.

In addition, Tane Cassidy has offered his resignation in line with constitutional requirements, but has expressed his willingness to be reappointed (for one of the two appointed positions available on our Board). Our Board intends to take him up on that offer, an update will occur later next month.

As a result of the vacancies for two elected positions, Hoe Tonga is calling for nominations for two new elected Board members.

The process is as follows:

  • Nominations can be made by Member Clubs. You can nominate any individual. Nominees do not need be a member/paddler of your club or region.
  • We are seeking Board members who will take an active involvement in the sport’s governance body and in the best interests of its membership as a whole. All nominees must be honest, reliable, trustworthy and comfortable to ‘walk and talk’, particularly in relation to the values of our sport (as outlined in our Strategic Plan).
  • Clubs and nominees must fill in the nomination form. They must be received, complete with relevant nominee profile by 11 September  2017, at The list of nominees, along with their profiles, will be posted on the Hoe Tonga website.
  • The election of  the new member(s) will take place at the Hoe Tonga AGM on 23 September 2017 in Whanganui (following the final race of the Hoe Tonga Paddla Series)
  • Click here to download the nomination form.
  • Our AGM on 23 September will have two key agenda items: (1) Presentation of the annual report , including financial report, and questions and answers from Board members, and (2) Election of two new Board members by affiliated clubs.