Request for Volunteers for the Regional Sprints

With the Hoe Tonga Regional Sprints coming up in a few weeks we require the support of as many people as possible.

If you are attending the regionals this year as a supporter/parent or a paddler competing on only one or two races we would love your help. Therefore we are asking for anyone who will be happy to volunteer to be one of our officials at the event.

Roles include,

  1. Registration/admin
  2. Marshalling
  3. Start line official
  4. Finish line/timekeeper
  5. Flag boat starter
  6. Loading bay.

Any one that is able to assist please contact Matai either via email or by mobile 0221037755.

Please indicate what day you are available (Nov 21st, Nov 28th or Nov 29th) and if you are happy to help in the morning, afternoon or full day.

Once again contact Matai or 0221037755