W1 National Quota Spots and Regional W12 Announcement

Please see the link below for the W1 500m ranking in each division. The highlighted names have sealed a confirmed quota spot at the National Sprints. The next two fastest in each division will be added to the waitlist so keep training just in case if you just missed out.

W1 Quota Rankings.

We would also like to announce the Regional W12 who will be representing Hoe Tonga at the Waka Ama National Sprint 2021.

Hoe Tonga Wahine

  1. Megan Gardiner
  2. Steph Gardiner
  3. Ngahuia Henara
  4. Brittany Marquet
  5. Amiria Salzmann
  6. Kawai Winiata
  7. Marama Elkington
  8. Te Rangihuia Henare
  9. Rachel Kingi
  10. Ka Awatea Paul
  11. Kyra Mita
  12. Hitira’a Tahau Hodges

Hoe Tonga Tane

  1. Turi Hodges
  2. Koroiti Tuiau Tongia
  3. Dom Scahill
  4. Parekoihu Taiapa
  5. Pa Taikato
  6. Eric Waterson
  7. Tremaine Rimene-Albrett
  8. Joern Scherzer
  9. Joe Nuku
  10. Hoani Akavi
  11. Nathaniel Cashell
  12. Wairehu Toman

Congratulations to all those selected. Keep training hard and see you all the the Nationals.