Ngā Mata o Te Ariki Tāwhirimātea

Ngā Mata o Te Ariki Tāwhirimātea (Sanctioned)

Venue: Evans Bay, Wellington Harbour
Date: Sat 26th Jun 2021
Distance: 8km & 15km
Host: Tai Tonga 41 Outrigger Canoe Club

In the world of Māori, Tāwhirimātea is known as the god of wind and weather.  At the time when the world was in darkness, the children of Ranginui the sky father and Papatūānuku earth mother, decided to separate their parents.  When this was done, Tāwhirimātea was so angry and devastated he went to live with his father, and in his sadness he plucked out and crushed his eyes, throwing them to the sky to spread all over his fathers chest and becoming Matariki.  The name Matariki is short for Ngā Mata o te Ariki Tāwhirimātea.  The eyes of the god Tāwhirimātea.

The theme of this event Ngā Mata o te Ariki Tāwhirimātea not only acknowledges the significance and challenges Tāwhirimātea sometimes gifts to waka ama paddlers and other water enthusiasts.  This event also marks rakaunui (full moon), the end of one year and beginning of another.  A time for remembering those who have passed over the last year and releasing their spirits, and a time to celebrate a bountiful future with friends and the communities of waka ama all around the world during these still unprecedented times.  

After a few years break, Tai Tonga 41° Outrigger Canoe Club has returned to celebrate its first year of revival.  They are looking forward to celebrating this milestone with other waka ama clubs, local kayak and canoe clubs with a 15km and 8km course designed to stimulate steerers as crews navigate from point to point in a star-like formation (weather dependent).  Alternatively the course will follow the landmass around Evansbay.  Paddlers are also able to do more than one or two races for even more challenge. We invite everyone to stay for prize giving, spot prizes, fiafia, hakari, waiata, share alofa and abundant stories.


W1, W2, W6, W12


Junior (J16 & J19) & Senior (20years+)


Men, Women, Mixed


8km ($15 per person) & 15km ($20 per person)

Individuals may compete in more than 2 races and pay only a maximum of $35

Please note the online system is not able to adjust the discount for paddlers entering more than 2 races. 

Clubs will need to ensure no more than a maximum of $35 is paid for any individual.

To support our COVID tracing efforts, all entries are to be registered online by your club rep.  Clubs are to make one direct bank payment for all registrations.  Bank details are shown in the members area on registration.

Tai Tonga 41 Outrigging Canoe Club 38-9011-0013609-02  

Please ensure teams arrive and register on time with completed waiver forms

We will not accept late registrations
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