W6/W12 Teams Sprint Specific Details Update

To help ensure participant safety, we have changed the event format to manage overall attendance numbers. The W1 event on Sat 27 November was a great experience at how we can continue paddling while providing a safe COVID-19 free environment. We are keen to reproduce this for the W6 event.

Hoe Tonga thanks paddlers and clubs for their patience and supporting Hoe Tonga to provide a safe and COVID-19 free event. In order for the event to proceed at the Orange alert level:

Please have a read of the document attached that has more information around the paddler area, whanau supporters expectations and how this event will be run. An updated team waiver form is also now available here

W6/W12 Specific Details

Regionals is supported by TWOA. More information on TWOA and their waka ama courses can be found at http://twoa.ac.nz/