Hoe Tonga July 2010 survey results

Below you can find a brief summary of the results for the recent survey of Hoe Tonga paddlers and members regarding Hoe Tonga’s performance.

27 people responded to the survey; providing a useful insight into the thinking of Hoe Tonga’s key stakeholders, i.e. paddlers and supporters.

Re question 4, i.e. whether Hoe Tonga’s delivery and performance of waka ama related activities demonstrate our values, the picture is mixed and there is clearly room for improvement for Hoe Tonga.

Re question 5, i.e. the performance of Hoe Tonga in terms of three key areas, work in terms of information provision and race organisation appears to be relatively good, but there is clearly room for improvement in terms of growing and developing waka ama in the region.

Note that by focusing on implementing the initiatives as set out in Hoe Tonga’s strategic plan 09-14 it should be possible to improve on the above results.

Note that the survey also collected information on potential volunteers; this information will be used in the future to approach people to see whether they may be interested in relevant work (where applicable).

You can access a copy of the results here by clicking here.