Photos and results for W1 Harbour Series (1), 22 May

An aweseome turnout and lots of sun and a light Nor-easterly at the first race of the W1 Harbour Series in 2011. The race started at Mana, around the reef and back to the channel, around the buoy and then to do it all again. The total distance was 9.5km. Well done everyone.

Below some race photos, if you go into the actual photo stream on flickr, you can download the photos in their original size.

For those wanting some training sessions under the week, Team MAKAIRA is training every Thursday nights ánd Sunday mornings in the W6, please contact Joern, or just come along with your team for some competition. On other days, come along to Mana in the single, the more the merrier. Yes, its dark and cold but we go out every day unless conditions are very rough and unsafe. We normally do between 10 and 14km around the inletw and meet at just before 6pm at Mana every Mon, Tue, Wed, and at around 4.30pm on Fridays.


  • Jörn Scherzer, Open, 54:32, Pegasus – 2 pts as at least three in same/lower division
  • Grant Barribal, Master, 56:20, Hurricane – 2 pts as at least three in same/lower division
  • Paddy Rimene, Open, 58:20, Reva – 1pt
  • George Faalogo, Master, 59:48, Hurricane – 1pt
  • Rob Taggart, Master, 1:00:19, Hurricane – 1pt
  • Piki Emery, SNR Master, 1:00:50, Tomahawk – 2 pts as at least three in same/lower division
  • James Sadler, Master, 1:00:51, Pegasus – 1pt
  • Ricky Kopa, Open, 1:08:32, XTSea – 1pt
  • Sarah Snow, SNR Master W, 1:10:27 – 1pt
SurfSki & kayak

  • Marty McDowall, 51:46, 2 pts as at least three in same/lower division
  • Matt Archer, 51:49. 1pt
  • Mike, 51:51, 1pt
  • Andrew, 53:04, 1pt
  • Sandy Winterton, 54:30, 1pt
  • John, 1:01:07, 1pt
  • Patrick, 1:06:19, 1pt

W2 (Hawaikinui), 1:12:55, 1pt

W6 (Aniwaru), 59:31, 1pt each