Update from Regional Secondary Schools Hui

All club representatives were invited to a hui  to discuss regional secondary schools development on Sunday 17 July 2011 at Porirua Police College. Background information was compiled and the meeting facilitated by Chris Fox, Vice-President to get the discussion underway.  

Those present: Marinna Millanta-Lowrey (Hawaiikanui), Chris Manson (Tunui), Samantha Tamanui ( Aniuwaru), Syd Cunningham (Wairarapa) presented some valuable ideas and as a result some action points were initiated for the next hui. A big thanks to all of you for giving up your valuable weekend.

One of the purposes of this hui was to begin addressing two areas of our strategic plan that require further progression and identify some of  our stakeholders in relation to waka ama and the potential that exists to increase participation at secondary school level. 

  1. Assisting in the development and management of clubs – in regard to Secondary Schools the discussion revolves around the capability of clubs to provide programmes and what these programmes may look like across the region. 
  2. Assisting in the development of coaches and high performance paddlers – Coaching is an area currently being addressed by NKOA however it was agreed that perhaps Hoe Tonga could provide basic guidelines (manuals) around expectations of coaches in relation to Secondary Schools.

A development team is required to work on both these projects and further research will be required with input from our regions paddlers and clubs. If you would like to be part of this group or have any comments, ideas please email hoetonga@gmail.com 

We look forward to discussing further at the AGM General Meeting and invite those who have an interest in development of Secondary Schools to send in their thoughts around the questions posed to the group and listed below that will assist with future plannning:

  1. What are we selling to Secondary schools/youth as clubs participating in waka ama?
  2. What are the current barriers for clubs?
  3. Identify barriers for students/participants
  4. What would a 4-6 week programme look like/need to include:
  • based on at least 8 trainings
  • paddlers new to waka ama
  • offered in Term 1/Term 4