Results: W1 Harbour Series IV, 24 July

Who would have thought, strong cold southerlies and rain, yet one of the best turn-outs for the series.

The distance was about 9km on an inlet course (Mana to Browns Bay to Mana Bridge to Browns Bay and back to Mana). There was some confusion regarding the names as people came in, let us know if you think there is a mistake.

The next event is on Sunday, 21 August.

W1 Men

  • Jörn Scherzer, Open Men, 56:12 (Pegasus), 1pt
  • Neil O’Brien, Master Men, 59:58, 1pt (Hurricane), 1pt
  • Piki Emery, SNR Master Men, 1:00:45 (Tomahawk), 1pt
  • James Sadler, Master Men, 1:01:03 (Pegasus), 1pt

W1 Women

  • Mariana Hodges, Open Women, 1:02:52 (Hiko), 1pt
  • Mereana Hodges, Master Women, 1:04:01 (Surfrigger), 1pt
  • Anita Taggart, SNR Master Women, 1:04:59 (Hurricane), 1pt


  • Marty McDowell, 52:13, 2pts
  • Matt Archer, 52:21, 1pt
  • Trent Luka, 54:35, 1pt
  • Nikki Cox, 55:13, 2pts
  • Brad Lawson, 55:38, 1pt
  • Katrina Madill, 57:39, 1pt
  • Alice Ashford, 1:06:39, 1pt
  • Adelaide Cox, 1:09:45, 1pt
  • Karly Maxwell, 1:09:46, 1pt


  • Aniuwaru, 53:42, Open, 1pt each
  • Turama White, Junior M, 1:01:52, 1 pt each
  • Turama Red, Junior M, 1:03:02, 1pt each
  • Mena’s Angels, Junior Women, 1:03:26, 1 pt each

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