Race results and thanks to volunteers: W6 Sprints 3 Dec

Click here to download the full results.

A huge thank you to all those who volunteered at this year’s Regional W6 Sprints. Some new faces helped support those who have supported the region at many of the events over the year.

With the 2012 New Zealand Post National Long Distance Championships to be held in Hoe Tonga in April 2012 it is a good time to start learning what the different roles involve and volunteer time is always appreciated in non-profit organisations such as ours.

Jörn Scherzer – Race Director/ Marinna Millanta-Lowrey – Finish Line/Karmen Wallace – pre load/Selena Katene and Ronnie Thomas – Registration/Matt Archer & John Hodges – support boats/Daniel Haenga on the microphone…. awesome work.

Ron Sederal, Paula Dixon, Chris Manson and the team from Wanganui – thanks for your time and effort. To all the others that helped on the day….. our rangatahi and parents what an awesome effort and fantastic day.

Also a big thank you to the New Zealand Police for the use of their caravan (finish/results) and to Whitby Estates for the use of their large marquee (registration). In addition to this thanks to Te Wananga o Aotearoa for the tables and chairs………awesome.

Please let us know if you are able to help out again at the W1 event on Saturday 10 December by emailing hoetonga@gmail.com

Organising Committee
Chris Fox, Jörn Scherzer and Chris Manson