For Sale: W1 Maui Kanu Aito (has been sold)

Lei has a W1 Maui Kanu Aito 2013 (with rudder) for sale.

High quality hand laminated carbon. It is in great condition apart from a couple of scratches (cosmetic) at the rear on the deck and on the front side of the ama. There was an accident where a vehicle reversed into the waka while it was on top of a car and the rear hull and deck had some cracks in it. But Maui Kanu fixed it and it is like it had never happened.

It comes with a black spray skirt and a yellow cover that was never used, it also has a paddle clip for a blade length of 50″. Selling on as Lei bought a sit-on-top outrigger canoe.

$4,000 or make an offer by 20 May.

Please contact Lei at or on 021-243 7727. If you would like to take it for a paddle or have a closer inspection this is not a problem, she is based in Porirua (Wellington).

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