W1 rudderless workshop to help Joern get to Te Aito in July

Joern is looking to compete at Te Aito on 19 July, in Papeete, Tahiti. It’s the biggest and most prestigious W1 long distance race in the world, attracting over 600 paddlers in the mens division alone.

In order to help him get there (and bring back the insights from competing against the best), he is fundraising via pledgeme.co.nz. In turn he pledges to run a workshop in August (date tbc) for those paddlers and supporters helping him get to Te Aito. He will share insights into his journey in W1 rudderless paddling over the last few years, with a particular focus on paddling technique: forward stroke, paddle steering, and paddling in ocean and downwind conditions.

Click here to find out more and if you like what you see pass it on to your friends and colleagues. Also check out the other rewards for helping him out.