W1 racing now all go for Saturday, 13 December

Important notice:

  1. Racing is scheduled to go ahead tomorrow (Saturday). The weather forecast is very mixed, depending on the source it ranges from calm to 20knots, for both Saturday and Sunday – and it is constantly changing. At this stage, it appears that we will see at least lower wind speeds on Saturday morning, hence why we are pushing ahead (all Intermediate and J16 paddlers are scheduled for 9-12). However, expect that races in a number of divisions may be shortened to 250m.
  2.  Please check the lane draw near kayak club entrance tomorrow morning, there have been a few changes. Registration will be either just outside the kayak club entrance, or inside the kayak club (depending on weather).
  3. Volunteers: please be there EARLY! As the wind speeds are forecast to be lower in the morning, we would really like to get racing started on time, ie 9am, which means the first paddlers should be heading out at 8.50am. Therefore, if we can have helpers for setting up the marquees and official stations at 6.30am . The support boats we need to have ready to go by 8.15am.
  4. Weighing of W1 is scheduled for between 8-9am. Be on time, and get sorted, so that we can get racing under way by 9am.
  5. Club reps: please bring any remaining waiver forms for W1 paddlers where relevant waiver forms have not yet been handed in (eg they did not paddle last Saturday in W6).