Results and photos for the W1 day for the Hoe Tonga Regionals 2014

Certainly a mixed package today, ranging from perfect glassy conditions in the morning, to a rather brisk 25knot Southerly and rain kicking in at about 11:20am.

An on-time start at 9am, and the flat conditions in the morning meant that we got significantly ahead of the scheduled race times, at one stage up to 2.5 hours. Apologies to those that missed their races as a result of this. However, given the forecast Southerly kicking in at lunch time, organisers had no choice but to push ahead when conditions were flat to ensure the best possible race conditions, especially in the junior divisions – as advised in the panui on Friday, and again at the race briefing in the morning. It pays to be on-site early or to be in touch with your respective club representatives.

Please click here to download the results for the W1 day of the Hoe Tonga Regional Sprint Championship 2014.

Click here to view photos for the W1 day, or see the slideshow below (only works on some devices).


This year, the James Hapeta Club Spirit Award was won by Hikoikoi Waka Club. With few entries yet a significant number volunteers, they showed they are a deserving winner this year.

The Club Excellence Trophy was again won by Porirua Canoe Kayak Club. Their significant efforts in terms of coaching and paddler support is continuing to show great results. Below the final tally of points after both race days for participating clubs.

  • Porirua Canoe Kayak – 163
  • TOA – 88
  • Te Rau o Te Rangi – 53
  • Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke – 25
  • Wairarapa – 21
  • Hawaikinui – 14
  • Tai Tonga – 7
  • Hikoikoi – 5
  • Mana Pasifika – 0

Lastly, but not least, a huge thank you to the large number of volunteers, without whom the Champs could not be run. Key tasks include, but are not limited to things such as planning and organising the event, maintaining and setting the race course, staffing the safety and support boats, loading bay, finish line, registration desk, setting up race infrastructure in the morning and pulling it down and cleaning up afterwards, and the list goes on. A formal thank you will follow in the next couple of weeks.