Volunteers for Regional Sprints

This year our Regional Sprints are going to be held on
Saturday 5 December
at Onepoto for all W6 races:
(Saturday 12 December at Henley Lake.
W1 events.)
Volunteers are the lifeblood of our events, and without you all we would not be able to run our Regional Sprints. It is with your help that we are able to run the event so successfully.
We are needing volunteers at Onepoto for our W6 events 5 December.. It  would GREATLY APPRECIATED it if you could reply to Gaylene at Hoe Tonga if your are able to help out.
Areas/stations we are seeking help for:
Race Director               x1
Announcer                   x 1
Marshalling                  x2
Registration                 x 2
Finishin line/results      x 5
Loading Bay                x10  (2/waka)
Support boats/crew       x3   ( x2–3 crew)
Set up site                  x6   Maquee, marshalling area, gazebos
Caravan                      x2  pick up and return
Clean site                    x4
Runners                      x2   results /progression pick ups.  lunch.drinks to                                            volunteers
So you can see that we are asking for around 40 volunteers for the day.
Please reply with the area you would like to work in.
Thank you so much in anticipation, If you could reply as soon as possible it would be appreciated.
Many thanks,
Gaylene Sciascia
021 620 408