New Hoe Tonga Board

Congratulations to Hoe Tonga’s newly elected Board members at a Special General Meeting held on 11 April in Porirua.


Left to right: Tane Cassidy, Paora Ammunson, Denise Hapeta, Joern Scherzer and Chris Fox

As the Board’s work begins, it will keep clubs and paddlers informed about its work.

The Board had its inaugural meeting on 21 April. The focus of the first meeting was to get everyone up to speed with the region’s state-of-play, scope initial ideas and work for progressing the implementation of the current strategic plan, and assign work portfolios. In addition, Jörn Scherzer was elected as Chair, and Paora Ammunson was elected Deputy Chair.

Find out more about each board member at

The Board would like to acknowledge and thank outgoing Vice-Presidents Petra Melville and Leiseane Faletolu for their support and ongoing commitment to Waka Ama and the success of Hoe Tonga.

If you have any questions about Hoe Tonga, in the first instance please contact our administrator Gaylene Sciascia