Results Great Harbour Challenge, Matariki

Great Harbour Challenge 2014

Hikoikoi_Banner_Web1Fantastic day waka ama whanau….celebrating Matariki in style!  This is what Matariki is all about – doing the things you love with whanau, friends and supporters.
Thanks to all our fabulous volunteers that made this event a success, we could’nt do this without you and the support of our community, learning new skills on and off the water.

Waka ama at Hikoikoi and Hoe Tonga looks healthy with 170+ paddlers taking to the water and another 50+ supporting and catching up on the beach – fantastic atmosphere.
Thanks to the coaches and managers who share their knowledge and educate our rangatahi – the next generation of paddlers.

SUP, Surfski, Kayak, Waka ama, Support Boats from Muritai Yacht Club, Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, Peter Humphries and Grant Nalder Harbour Master – Fantastic effort from you all………………

Thanks to John Hodges (PCKC) and Ora Toa for their support in getting waka to our venue at The Wellington Tenths Trust & Palmerston North Maori Reserve Trust and Hikoikoi Waka ama Club in Petone.

Results, photos, Regional Secondary School Waka ama Sprints 2014

Results FINAL Wellington Secondary School Waka ama Sprint Champs 2014

Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka ama Association would like to thank all the volunteers that made this event a success and acknowledge the support of College Sport Wellington.

College Sport Wellington will arrange medals for all 1st place winners of Championship Finals over the next two weeks for Schools.  Please contact Dave McKenzie at College Sport should you wish to discuss: mob: 021 380 849.

A record #47 – W6 teams and #20 – W1 paddlers participated at Wellington Secondary School Waka ama Sprint Championships 2014 on Saturday 8 March from 16 Secondary Schools.  Our region has grown in numbers of Schools and paddlers participating – great news!

Good luck to all those teams and schools who will now travel to Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua to the National Secondary Schools Waka ama Sprint Champs 2014 where 90+ schools will compete.

Once again thanks to you all – paddlers, parents, supporters, schools, coaches and managers. Photos from this event can be found here……
Apologies for delay in posting…………..any correspondence – feedback can be sent to

Results and photos for Mana Super 6 Ocean Challenge

1sponsors mana super 6

Well, what a race: six leagues, six-mans, ocean racing, iron-man, downwind. Following a night of rain and almost no wind, by the time the race got under way, paddlers experienced fantastic surf race conditions, with a 15-20 knot Southerly/Southeasterly making it a great ride from Mana to Paraparaumu. It was not for the inexperienced though, the conditions were challenging, and unfortunately one team was unable to finish.

The full course distance was 37km. It included going around Mana Island (with teams pumping into the Southerly for a 5km section, but some teams were joined by a pod of dolphins on the way, so it was worth it), but once they had moved around the Southern tip of Mana Island (with one team getting all cuddly with a submerged rock), it was a straight line 30km downwind all the way to Kapiti.

In the women’s division it was a tight battle nearly all the way, with all three teams finishing within 10min of each other, with the local Team Mura Va’ine from Porirua Canoe Kayak Club taking the honours just ahead of Team Malolo from Motueka Waka Ama Club.

In the men’s division, it was a hard battle for most of the way between Team Bhutty Bros from Hei Matau Paddlers (taking an inside line) and Team Jäger from Wairarapa Waka Ama (taking and outside line), with Team Bhutty Bros coming out on top and winning the inaugural event.

Missed the action? Check out the photos above (all can be downloaded in full size via flickr), and you can also replay the race at We tracked 6 of the 8 teams (the women started 15min before the men), and you will notice the different lines that teams took between Mana Island and Kapiti. Whereas the teams that hung out further would have got a bit more of a push through the Cook Straight tidal stream, they also had to battle more choppy Southeasterly conditions, so there were some tradeoffs.

A big thank you to our boaties, the Mana Coast Guard, and all the other numerous helpers and shuttle drivers!

If you have any feedback on the event, please let us know at We hope to see you all back here next year.


Bhutty Bros Hei Matau Paddlers Premier M 02:58:13
Jäger Wairarapa Waka Ama Premier M 03:01:30
le Ko Ko! Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Premier M 03:24.24
Little Bit Tipi Toa Waka Ama Master M 03:26:39
Te Rangihaeata Toa Waka Ama Premier M DNF
Mura Va’ine Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Premier W 03:59:41
Malolo Motueka Waka Ama Club Master W 04:01:38
Taimania Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Master W 04:10:14

A big thank you to all our sponsors, we had some fantastic spot prizes at the after-function.


Photos and survey for Regionals 2013

A special thanks goes to Steve Fox for his excellent photography, and for making his photos available to Hoe Tonga paddlers and supporters.

While we have your attention, please follow the link below to fill in a 5min survey about the Regionals 2013. Hoe Tonga is keen to continue improving the event, and your feedback is much appreciated.

Please click on the embedded photo stream below if you like to download the photos in their original size. Note that photos are for private use only, copyrights apply.

Results for Race 6 of the Winter Series 2013 – 8 Sep


Another great turn out, and a big thanks to all supporters, volunteers and of course paddlers. The series was brought to you by Tanya and Jörn Scherzer, Turi and Pania Hodges, Chris Fox, Sharlene and Chester Burt. The forecast was patchy but the weather turned out to be a stunner. Lots of sun, with a stiff breeze, but a very strong tide.


The course today started at Mana, to Browns Bay, back to Mana and around a turn buoy, on to Onepoto and around a marker there, and back to Mana for an on-the-beach finish run to the flag. The distance was about 10km. Our SUP brothers and sisters did the first half of the course to Browns Bay and back.

Photos are available for free download at Click to enlarge the embedded photo above.

A big thank you to Dave Annear from Fergs Kayaks for again supporting the series. Contrary to some urban myths, Fergs Kayaks caters for all paddling needs, including surfski, kayaking, outrigging and SUP, so check them out next time you are in town (Queens Wharf). We had a great selection of spot prizes, and it turns out that every one of the paddlers present at the prizegiving got a prize. The total value of the prizes exceeded $2000.


Below the results for today’s race.

Race # Name Type Time Placing
1 Jörn Scherzer W1 00:58:20 1
29 Lawrence Hynes W1 01:00:56 2
21 Neil O’Bryan W1 01:03:47 3
25 James Sadler W1 01:04:17 4
32 Chris Mike W1 01:04:18 5
15 Karl Timu W1 01:06:05 6
35 Pa Taikato W1 01:06:17 7
2 Sefo Misky W1 01:06:33 8
30 Riki Rupapere W1 01:06:53 9
23 Piki Emery W1 01:09:28 10
34 Terry Gardner W1 01:10:38 11
31 Richard Robbins W1 01:11:17 12
37 Royce Gray W1 01:15:08 14
20 Raewyn O’Bryan W1 01:15:30 13
33 Chris Maika W1 DNF 15
11 PCKC W6 00:58:42 1
14 Hikoikoi W6 00:59:40 2
16 Hawaikinui W6 01:04:01 3
18 Mike Taite Surfski/Kayak 00:54:01 1
36 Chester Burt Surfski/Kayak 00:54:12 2
22 Andrew Cary Surfski/Kayak 00:58:11 3
10 Brian Grace Surfski/Kayak 00:58:12 4
12 David McKnight Surfski/Kayak 01:01:09 5
26 Eric Barber Surfski/Kayak 01:01:56 6
17 Sandy Winterton Surfski/Kayak 01:03:47 7
19 Pete Notman Surfski/Kayak 01:06:51 8
7 Jeremy Stephenson SUP 00:38:28 1
8 Felipe Dos Santos SUP 00:38:49 2
6 Hans Wannemacher SUP 00:40:01 3
3 Rob Collins SUP 00:40:19 4
5 Brodie MacGregor SUP 00:43:22 5
27 John Ryles SUP 00:43:37 6
9 John Toomath SUP 00:44:36 7
13 Karl Lequesne SUP 00:45:23 8
24 Chase Quinn SUP 00:45:32 9
4 Stu Hiddleston SUP 00:46:29 9
28 Chris Brown SUP 00:46:58 10

Race 4 – Onepoto – Results WP Winter Series

Big Thanks to the PCKC team for hosting the event today Pania, Turi and John Hodges. The 10 km course was a relatively straight forward course for the sit down paddlers and headed under the bridges into the Pauatahanui Inlet to the Browns Bay buoy and back.

The SUP course headed along the relative shelter of the Whitireia Park Hillside before the SUP paddlers were challenged by both wind and tide heading out the channel to the last green marker post where the Men did 6 km with the women turning earlier to complete a distance of 4 km.

Event FIVE is on August 18 and will be hosted by Chris Fox and the Hikoikoi Club at Petone. 
W6 Mens 10km
44:30 PCKC Men

Surf ski/kayak 10km
49:07 Mike Tate
49:19 Chester Burt
51:21 Andrew Carey
53:05 Paddy Urlich
53:08 Dave Ryde
56:36 Dave McKnight
56:41 Sandy Winterton
57:10 Iain Gillies
58:43 Pete Notman
60:07 Graham Daniel
DNF Harry Wingar

W1 Men 10km
51:50 Paddy Rimene
55:50 Neil O’Brien
56:20 Piki Emery
57:11 Chris Mike
57:25 Rick Ruparere
58:28 Sefo Misky
58:57 George Fa’alogo
62:11 Terry Gardiner
70:30 Willie Kappely

W1 Women 10km
56:16 Marianna Hodges
63:27 Chris Fox
64:04 Deb Blake
64:37 Raewyn Anderson
65:37 Selena Katene
66:52 Paula Napier
75:48 Alana Joe

W6 Junior Girls 10 km
66:16 PCKC Junior Girls

SUP Men 6 km
48:49 Rob Collins
48:49 Hans Wannemacher
50:15 John Toomath
54:44 Chris Brown
54:55 Brodie McGregor
56:07 Karl LeQuesne
61:12 Joe Konlechner
66:30 Aaron Boslem
78:04 Alex Dean
83:27 Karl Wannemacher

 SUP Women 4 km
56:44 Lei Faletolu
56:47 Sharlene Winiata

Results for Winter Series Race 2, 16 June at Ngati Toa domain

welly paddlers 3

One of the biggest ones yet! A great crowd today with over 50 entries: 19 W1, 12 Skis/Kayaks, 17 SUP and 1 W6. A big thank you to everyone that supported this event.

We experienced some interesting and somewhat rare conditions today, with little wind but a decent groundswell resulting in some breaking surf at the bar in Plimmerton.

Today’s race saw a course set from Mana to Tokaapapa Reef and back, with one lap for the SUP and two laps for all others.The expectation was that the surf would settle down relatively quickly given that the tide turned 1.5 hrs before the race start. However, as the crowd made its a way out of the Mana channel, the surf was still up by quite a bit (with the odd set rolling through), which made it challenging for less experienced paddlers and those with less suitable craft (despite there being almost no wind). A number of people retired early.  (In the results DNF also indicates those that assisted in rescues – a big thank you.)

Many will have loved today’s condition, but we acknowledge some concerns from less experienced paddlers and those with craft less suitable for surf conditions. We acknowledge your feedback. In the future, where conditions require it, we may set two courses to suit different craft and abilities.

At the same time we would like to remind people of their responsibilities also. This includes carrying a life jacket (and other relevant equipment such as bailers for outriggers) and having the ability to self-rescue or to be able to roll. Moreover, each person needs to assess his/her own ability. In some cases this may mean pulling out in light of the conditions.

Note also that everyone must have a life jacket! Click here for more details.

Click here to download the results.

Note that we also tested a race tracking system at today’s race. This turned out to be a little challenging with an unreliable internet connection at HQ. Out of 5 people that wanted to take part, we were able to track 3 (the others may have had their apps turned off but we will work on sorting this out for the next race). Click here to check out the race.

If you like to take part next time, follow the following instructions: How-to-share-my-tracker-with-my-club: boat-owner-instructions

Race 2

The next series event will be on 7 July, to be held either in Wellington or Petone, to be confirmed. The location of the race means that the course is unlikely to include any surf, although there is unlikely to be a shortage of wind.

See you on the water…