Inter-club W12 entries for Nationals 2017 (W12 made up by paddlers from 2 clubs)

As per rule 21.7 in the Waka Ama NZ race rules, W12 crews at Nationals can be made up of competitors from up to two clubs from the same region, but only in the following divisions:

  • Midget
  • Intermediate
  • Senior Master
  • Golden Master
  • Master 70

This rule only applies where a club does not have sufficient paddlers to form their own, stand-alone, W12 crews in those age categories.  A W12 crew made up of two clubs may be a combination of any number of paddlers from those two clubs. They must satisfy all other rules as specified in the race rules.

If your club wishes to combine with another club in the above divisions, please take note of the following:

  • The proposed entry will need to be sent to by no later than Thursday 8 December. This will ensure that Hoe Tonga has sufficient time to make the entries to meet the Waka Ama NZ timeframes.
  • Entries are to be submitted only by an executive officer of one of the clubs. In the email the relevant executive officer must provide confirmation that (i) both clubs agree on the entry and its name (copy in other relevant executive officers), and (ii) that the entry has been checked by both clubs to comply with relevant rules.
  • Paddler names must be submitted to no later than 31 December 2016. Hoe Tonga will not chase up unfilled rosters – relevant late fees from Waka Ama NZ will be charged directly to clubs. It is the club’s responsibility to inform Hoe Tonga of the roster, or of any changes to the roster. Paddler names should not be submitted until all paddlers have been checked by the clubs as being on the Waka Ama NZ membership database for their club.

W12 races at Hoe Tonga Regional Sprint Champs 2016

Hoe Tonga will be offering W12 races at this year’s Regional Sprint Champs, held in Masterton on 3-4 December.


They will be initially offered in three divisions: Intermediate, J16 and Premier. Hoe Tonga invites clubs to enter their teams. If clubs are interested to enter other divisions, then in the first instance we would like to have them race in any of the divisions noted above (eg J19 and Masters can race in Premier; Midget teams can race under Intermediate).

W12 races will be raced last on Saturday, 3 December, ie following the completion of the W6 races over 500m and 1500m on that day (this is for logistical reasons, as it involves utilising the same canoes used for the 500m and 1500m races).

For more information on the Hoe Tonga Sprint Champs, go to

Selection process for regional W12 at Nationals 2017

The following sets out the process for Hoe Tonga’s selection of the regional W12 that will compete at Nationals 2017. The process applies to both men and women.

Selection will be done by a selector (to be appointed by the Hoe Tonga Board in due course) based on the following:

Step 1: The six paddlers in the W6 that wins the respective open 500m event gain a spot.

Step 2: Selection of the other paddlers will be based on the following:

  • Next 6 fastest times in 250 Dash race (across both J19 and Open dash races).
  • If there are still places to be filled (eg due to an insufficient number of paddlers competing in the dash events), additional paddlers will be selected based on the fastest times in the W1 500m event  (across J19, Open and Master events)
  • If there are still places to be filled, then the decision for the selection of additional paddler(s) will be made by the selector based on any other relevant information.

Role of the selector:

The selector’s role is to select paddlers based on the above process. As it is unlikely that there will be opportunities for the selected team to train together, and the regional W12 race at Nationals is a straight final, the role does not automatically include a coaching capacity (unless otherwise mutually agreed between selected paddlers and the selector). The selector may appoint a team captain, whose role will be to organise the team on race day.


Hoe Tonga is working towards each paddler receiving a race shirt for this event at Nationals 2017.

Race info available for Regionals 2016 in Masterton, 3-4 Dec



  • Host: Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka Ama Association
  • Venue: Henley Lake, Masterton
  • When: 3 and 4 December
  • Distance: W1 250/500m; W6 500m/1000m/1500m
  • Divisions: Midget to Master 70
  • The event is open for paddlers/teams from outside the Hoe Tonga region. Some restrictions apply to W1.
  • Entries close on Thursday, 24 November.
  • Roster closes on Tuesday, 29 November.


View entries


  • Waiver form for team W6 entries
  • Waiver form for W1 entries
  • Entries are to be done via your club at NKOA’s online system
  • There will be a late fee if an entry is not completed by the deadline, or if the roster has not been completed on time ($15 per entry).
  • There are no refunds for entries that chose not to race or show up on race day.

Questions? Email or call 021-1250997.

Race 3 of W6 PADDLA Series on 3 September

A reminder that entries close on 30 August, don’t miss out. You have to be at the race in order to win spot prizes, thanks to our sponsors as shown below. A prize giving will take place after racing is finished, and the series winners will receive trophies.

Racing can be viewed live:

Click here to download the panui for Race 3 of the series.

For more detail on the series, and to see who has entered, click here.

sprig and fern







Live racing: Race 2 of the W6 PADDLA Series (Dolly Varden Beach)

Watch the racing live:

The weather forecast is for rather chilly Southerly, so make sure you bring warm clothing. Canoes should also be fitted with skirts.

As canoes will be equipped with trackers, please ensure that they are returned to registration before your team leaves the race venue.

To view additional information, including finding out who has entered, please go to

sprig and fern



Sunday, 31 July: Race 3 of Ice Water Series

This race will be at Dolly Varden Beach (next to Paremata Bridge in Mana/Porirua). The forecast is for a strong Westerly.

The course may involve going to Onepoto and back (to get shelter from the wind), and on to Brown’s Bay and back.

When you arrive, please come to registration (ask for Joern or Tanya).

Want to know more about the Series? Go to


Race 2 of the Hoe Tonga W6 PADDLA Series on Sunday 7 August

Race 2 will be on Sunday, 7 August (previously Saturday, 6 August).

Click here to download the event panui for Race 2.


  • Clubs will be invoiced. PLEASE DO NOT BRING CASH. Pay your club instead, the club will then pay on one invoice.
  • Please be on site in time for the canoe safety check and race briefing. Your canoe must be safety checked, and your steerer or team captain must attend the race briefing. If you are late, no racing for you. So if you are paddling a canoe over in the morning, leave in time.
  • Make sure your team’s roster is complete, otherwise those paddlers will miss out on spot prizes, including a brand new Tai paddle.
  • Safety check form (check out what safety equipment your team will need)
  • Waiver (each paddler within a team must sign)
  • For information on the series, go to



Live racing: W6 Paddla Series Race 1 on 9 July 2016

Watch the racing live:

To view additional information, including finding out who has entered, please go to

Note that clubs will be invoiced by Hoe Tonga for the entries for this race in the Series. There will be no refunds for teams that do not show up on the day, or those that pull out after the close-off date.

sprig and fern